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    Clients are provided representation for divorce and family law matters in the Tampa Bay area by an experienced, skilled and compassionate attorney. Clients can expect timely and personal service directly from the lawyer.

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  • Mediation

    Monica A. Frost is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator who provides private Mediation services for represented and self-represented parties. With excellent negotiation and writing skills, Monica is a very effective Mediator.

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  • Guardian Ad Litem

    Monica A. Frost incorporates her experience and skills when serving as a Guardian Ad Litem to assist parties in reaching a time-sharing agreement. Monica will provide a thorough and fair investigation leading to a comprehensive report and thoughtful recommendation.

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Divorce and Family Law matters are unique legal proceedings involving issues that are personal and sensitive, and parties are often dealing with great loss, disappointment, confusion, fear of the future, and varied emotions. In order to effectively represent a family law client, the attorney must determine the best approach for the issues facing the parties and the type of individuals that are involved. Clients often believe that they need an “aggressive attorney”, but aggressive procedures may lead to unnecessary increased litigation fees and costs and cause pointless strife between parties who may have been able to otherwise, amicably resolve their case.

Monica Frost understands when to work amicably with the opposing side, and when it becomes necessary to be more assertive. Monica will not allow the client's emotional response to steer her decision making. Clients can trust that Monica will look out for their best interest, will be a compassionate counselor and advocate, but she will not fall victim to making decisions out of anger or frustration with the other side. Monica makes her clients comfortable during this very difficult process with her attentive, caring, calm, and professional demeanor.


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