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Paternity Attorney in Tampa, Florida

A paternity case is brought when unmarried parents wish to establish parental rights, time-sharing, child support, and other related issues. An unmarried biological father needs to establish his paternity rights in family court before his rights are enforceable. For example, an unmarried woman can legally relocate outside the State of Florida with the child, if the biological Father has not legally established his parental rights.

Even couples who are living together should establish paternity and parental responsibility so that the Father has all necessary access to school, medical, and other important aspects of the child(ren)'s lives. This process benefits both parties, so that each party's rights, responsibilities, and obligations are clearly established. Determination of Paternity can be accomplished through an uncontested or contested proceeding.

A paternity case in Florida can be started in several different ways. To read more about Contested vs. Uncontested Paternity Cases see Practice Areas.

A paternity case can involve multiple issues including Child Custody, Relocation, Child Support, and Domestic Violence. To read more about any of these specific topics, see Practice Areas.

Paternity Issues Can Be Complex